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Everyday Relationship Help for Healing:

  • Health – Am I a body or a spirit?
  • Sex – What’s love got to do with it?
  • Addictions – Drugs, shopping, porn, relationships, being a person.
  • Happiness – What is it and how do I get it?
  • Money – What am I investing in? Spirit or ego?
  • Relationships – Can I use all my relationships to Awaken?

…And much, much more!

A Course in Miracles Audio

Easily Access David Hoffmeister and A Course in Miracles

David Hoffmeister speaks from the Awakened Mind, meeting you exactly where you’re at with incredible clarity and care. Step by step he shares how to stop “managing” your anxiety and fear and actually heal them. He is a living demonstration of what Jesus is pointing to in A Course in Miracles, that “God’s will for You is perfect happiness!” W-100.2:1 David shares his experiences here in this A Course in Miracles audio library.

Experience A Course in Miracles Healing

  • Come into the experience that life doesn’t need to be a struggle
  • Go from the intellectual understanding of ACIM to an authentic experience!
  • Get holy relationship advice for men and women
  • Access sex addiction counseling
  • Experience spirituality and recovery from addiction
  • Learn how money, spirituality, and consciousness can work for you
  • Create and build spiritual relationships that last

It’s practical and it’s powerful!

“Thank you for your enlightened illuminations on the Course. Your talks have been more helpful than words can say.”

~ Roderick M.

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Many topics, including…


Holy Relationship
Living in Community
Mighty Companions
People Pleasing
Sex and Sexuality
Special Relationship


Creation and Extension
Divine Order
Divine Providence
Face of Innocence
Forgiven World
Happy Learner
Holy Instant
Identity Confusion
Illusion vs Reality
Readiness and Willingness
Resurrection of the Mind
Right Mind and Wrong Mind
Rules for Decision
Script Is Written
The Bible
The Matrix
Time and Space
Transfer of Training
True and False Empathy
Unwinding from the World

Fruits of Mind Training

Contentment and Happiness
Miracle Worker
Mystical Experiences
Mystics and Saints
Real Thoughts
True Comfort
True Forgiveness
True Freedom
True Helpfulness
True Innocence
True Joy
True Love
True Peace
True Strength
Unified Perception

Emotions and Blocks

Attack Thoughts
Authority Problem
Body Issues
Dark and Intense Emotions
Feelings of Lack
Food Preferences
Ordering of Thoughts
Private Thoughts

Mind Training

Accepting Correction
Beliefs and Concepts
Bringing Illusions to Truth
Cause and Effect
Dark Night of the Soul
Dedication and Devotion
Empty Your Mind
From Darkness to Light
Leap of Faith
Listen and Follow
Mind Training
Miracle Impulses
Practical Steps
Spiritual Journey
State of Mind
Theory vs Experience

Enjoy these samples!

Spirit Does Not Incarnate

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We are not here to compare and contrast concepts or people, we are here to reach a state beyond comparison! Join David Hoffmeister as he addresses some of the common tricks the ego will try to play on you to delay your Awakening...

Do humans (and animals) go through the Awakening process? Is Spirit in matter? Can the infinite become finite? What is good energy and bad energy?

Gold Nugget:

“‘At no single instant does the body exist at all. It is always remembered or anticipated.’ T-18.VII.3 Jesus also says, that the past is gone, and the future is but imagined. These concerns in the mind are but defenses against present focus. He’s asking us to use the power of our mind to change our focus, and to loosen from all thoughts of the past and all imaginings of the future. Can you imagine the freedom in that!

When we start to practice with this, we have to learn to trust deeply that the Holy Spirit will meet the mind right where it believes it’s at. Let the Holy Spirit use whatever the ego made.

So we are guided to call people, meet people, read something, stop and meditate; that’s still the use of the body thoughts in time, but it’s a way that unwinds us out—instead of deeper in—to the conflict. That’s what I like about the Course, it’s so practical. It’s not saying you have to go live in a cave, on the mountain, or in the woods; it’s just saying you can practice with what you perceive, and what you seem to be thinking about right now.”

Category: Spiritual Practice

Topics: Awakening, Body Issues, Danville Kentucky, Deception, Hypotheticals, Integrity, Memory, Mind Training, Ordering of Thoughts, Real Thoughts, Reincarnation, Suffering, Transfer of Training, True Forgiveness, Trust, Unified Perception, With Friends

Exposing the Clever One

Listen now!

David shares powerful insights about how clever the ego is in tricking us into believing that the separation from God has occurred. Though the ego is ingenious, ingenuity will never set the mind free to experience our true Identity as Spirit...

There is need for help from beyond the dream, and the Holy Spirit is that help. David speaks with humor and divine clarity about how to let go of this insane thought system of stress and fear and return to our True Identity. He shares helpful ways to trust your intuition, listen to that small still voice, and follow it in order to be unwound from the illusion.

Gold Nugget:

“We have to realize that our mind is waking up. So everything our mind needs will be given. Not everything our “persons” need. Persons are the mask! They have built-in preferences and desires. They are just symbolic representations of wanting something other than God.

You can just look in the mirror and go, Oh, I am looking at a symbolic representation of wanting something other than God. But things are going to change, oh clever one, because ‘Toto has pulled the curtain on the wizard.’ And once this curtain is pulled, I’m not playing those clever games anymore. I am not going to believe in anything that you taught me, oh cleverness, because as ingenious as you are, you are crazy. You are insane. You are limitation. You are lack. You are deception. You are a death wish. I am not going to follow a death wish anymore!

So, though you may look into the mirror for a moment and go, Well, well, well, what have we here? A solid representation of error that was made by the clever one … I am going to give it over. I am going to give it over to the Spirit and say to Him, ‘Use whatever this clever one made to unwind me from this world. Take me Home! I will listen to You. I will follow You. You are in me as sure as anything is in me. You are the Comforter. You are the one that knows true comfort beyond the suffering of the world. You are the one that knows the way Home.’

Category: Spiritual Practice

Topics: Intuition, Undoing, I Am-ness, Listen and Follow, Movie Metaphor, Personhood, Dream, Awakening, Tiny Mad Idea, Cleverness, Boredom, Through Darkness to Light, Mask, Beauty, Christ Consciousness, Christ Identity, Judgment, Non-Judgment, True Perception, Identity Attachment, Self Concept, Minimize Fear, Jesus, Fear, Love, Fear of Love, No Hierarchy of Illusions, Specialness, Sickness, Dublin Ireland


“I cannot put into words my gratitude to you. The feeling is nearly overwhelming. Thank you David! Thank you! Thank you!” ~ Susan S.

“I find such peace and rest from listening to you; a rest not of this world.” ~ Pam J.

“Finally an ACIM teacher who speaks from the other side of the Bridge and who so generously holds his hand out to help us cross! What a great gift to us all!!”  ~ Lucy M.

“These talks have helped me in countless ways! When I wake up in the middle of the night grinding on some stressful situation I just do a search and feel comforted by Spirit’s words through David! A heartfelt thanks!!” ~ Jonny P.

"I am one who had been feasting on the spiritual smorgasbord for many years until I was introduced to the teachings of David Hoffmeister! He wasn’t what I had in mind as far as an Awakened teacher! ....
I mean he looked like he was always on his way to the golf course and he wore socks with his sandals!! No robes, no dreads, just a squeaky clean white guy from Cincinnati! But when I heard him speak, it went straight to the heart. Somehow I knew he was the real deal. For the first while I felt pure inspiration followed by sheer terror. This guy was not messing around. In one hour he could shred the very fabric of my safe little world and everything I called reality. No matter how threatened my ego felt I just could not stop listening to what he was sharing. I had been exposed to all the popular teachers of our day and they were all very helpful to some degree but David was speaking from a direct experience of Truth and you could just feel it. He has done the deep work and he has faced the darkness in his own mind and transcended it. He is by far the only ACIM teacher that I am aware of that has taken the Course all the way to Awakening and now all he does is extend what he has learned. He is like a bright comet in the night sky lighting the way Home. I am forever grateful!!” ~ Frank P.

About David Hoffmeister

“I am joined with you in emptying the mind of all false idols, images, and concepts, for God Wills that Light and Love extend forever and ever in limitless and infinite Being. This is truly Natural. Holy are You, Eternal, Free, and Whole, at peace forever in the Heart of God.”

With his consistently peaceful state of mind, radiant joy, and dedication to Truth, David Hoffmeister has touched the lives of thousands. He is a modern-day mystic and teacher who, for over 35 years, has been invited all over the world to share the message of Love, Oneness, and Freedom. His journey involved the study of many spiritual pathways culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles. David’s life is a living demonstration of the Awakened mind. Sometimes referred to as “The Bridge,” David is a tremendous gift from the Spirit as we pass from this world of illusion and fear into the Real world of True freedom and love!

Read more from David Hoffmeister on his Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment blog.

A Course in Miracles Audio

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Sample of David’s deep teachings
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What Is a Holy Relationship?

Gold Nugget:

“You have to be clueless of the problems, clueless of the means, and clueless of the outcome. Until you meet the conditions of those three things, there will be misuse of the body and we know what comes from misuse of the body: There will be guilt, there will be fear, there will be doubt, there will be shame.

So without those three conditions being met, the mind must use the body in its plan until it recognizes Itself. But when it has accepted this is true, it is healed and lets the body go.

It’s pointing us to a mystical union with Spirit. Why would you even need a body if you are Spirit? Obviously if the ego made the body, the Holy Spirit can use it while you believe you have it, but it’s not going to be your goal.

Actually you start to realize the mind is healed and you let the body go.” 

From Fear to Happiness

Gold Nugget:

“This is our time to wake up, to see that we can never be harmed, to see how powerful our mind is, to see that we can be the Light of the world; and that this is our function.

Our function is to be happy. And we were not meant to feel guilty or sad.

There is one self which we all share, and that is the Christ. The Christ is not a personality; personality is kind of like wearing a mask. The personality is never the light of the world, and the reason for fear or anxiety is the identification with a personality-self.

We need to be convinced by the Holy Spirit of our spiritual identity which lives forever in heaven. When we forget our spiritual identity and fall asleep, we dream of personalities, we dream of human beings and a world. This is why it takes practice to forgive the idea that we are small and unworthy.”

The Practice of True Prayer

Gold Nugget:

“Jesus is teaching us through the Course—like in that early Workbook Lesson 24—that in no situation do you perceive your own best interests. He doesn’t even say ‘most situations.’ He comes right out and says, in no situation do you perceive your own best interests.

It’s so humbling to come across that in the early Workbook lessons. In the next lesson he says that everything is in your own best interest! It is going to take a lot of mind training to take that one on. That sounds like the Bible: ‘All things work together for good, for them who love the Lord.’ Romans 8:28 In the Course, Jesus says: ‘All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment.’ T-4.V.1

So, prayer is like working with your mind and working with your desires and your thoughts, and then really having an open heart to be shown what is truly helpful; like the prayer at the beginning of the Course: ‘I am here only to be truly helpful.’ T-2.V.A.18

It is about constantly taking the parameters off; it is about emptying your mind of all these thoughts and concepts of what you believe is best. And, really, when you empty it, you are emptying the altar; you’re saying: Show me. You know the way. You know the way back to Heaven and I don’t. That is why I am here, to pray and listen, because you know the steps to take. You know the choices to make. You will provide the Guidance.

And in the end, as you clear your mind of all these desires for certain specific outcomes, your final prayer can be, ‘Father, what is your Will for me?’ And that will be answered when you pray that sincerely in your heart.”


Gold Nugget:

“There is no universal theology. That’s impossible. But there can and must be a universal experience. So, I got it really quickly that the Course was actually opening up to an experience, and study is just something that human beings do; but that’s just the beginning and isn’t going to get you into Heaven.

I share all the time that Heaven isn’t reached through words. You will not reach Heaven through words. ‘Words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality.’ M.21.1.9-10 The Holy Spirit’s use of words can be very, very helpful, but remember in the Course, he actually has a line that a teacher of God ‘… could heal the world without a word.’ P-2.III.3.7 You can’t forget that’s in there.

So, this Course is a beginning and not an end. It’s about setting your mind into alignment with the Holy Spirit, who will direct your mind when you listen to His directions and instructions. He will direct your unlearning. To me, that was the whole point of A Course in Miracles. I don’t carry the Course around anymore; I don’t consult it. In the beginning I used it as an ‘oracle’ in my hermitage years.

I would simply pray, ask a question, open the Course, and would always get the most profound answer that would make me speechless. I felt like, This is the greatest thing in the world! I’ve heard of the Greeks with the Delphic Oracle, and here I am in the woods with a blue book that is the greatest oracle that I’ve ever experienced in my life and it’s taking me rapidly higher and higher in awareness—just through my devotion to using it and trusting what was coming through it.”

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