Be Passersby—A Path to Happiness

Release all concepts of linear time, and everything learned. Time is an add-on to perfection, and that acts as a veil to the awareness of Love. You are invited to accept your Calling into the holiest of functions—forgiveness! This will bring you into an experience of stillness and joy beyond all the concepts of the world.

Gold Nugget:

"You have been Called by God to the most holy function there could ever be, forgiveness. And that is your Calling. Your Calling really isn’t a Calling in form, although it may seem to take a form for a little while. It is really a Calling into Divine Presence. Now that you have been Called by God, Jesus says, ‘Would you now sacrifice that Call?’ (M-13.6.7) You have linear time on one hand, and you have the Call to remember God on the other hand. And that’s the only thing you have to come to recognize. Am I going to sacrifice the Call to experience Spirit, or am I going to ‘sacrifice’ linear time?—because sacrifice is a giving up of what you want. In other words, you can’t value linear time and know the experience of Love. When you start giving over to Spirit, time will seem to collapse, and you will have glorious moments of stillness, of losing all awareness of time and space. "And never the twain shall meet!" You cannot maintain the experience of that Love and have a dedication to anything of time."

Recorded at the Listen Inward Gathering on June 20, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden